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Superrb is an award-winning web design agency specializing in creating stunning websites that effectively convert clients by focusing on storytelling and e-commerce experience. While working there, I was part of their portfolio redesign. This undertaking was a whole team effort.


  • UI & UX Design
  • Interaction design
  • Animation


  • Web Design
  • Portfolio


Live site


The primary objectives of this website refresh were to showcase the company's unique personality, sense of humor, and passion for storytelling. Additionally, we aimed to highlight the team's capabilities by allowing our design, animation, and development skills to shine through the website itself. We collaborated with Stevie Gee to create new branding and illustrations based on our website mockups.

Bold illustration for 'All Killer No Filler' slogan by Stevie Gee, to incorporate into Superrb's website
UI design of Superrb website's about us page on mobile


Having rich project pages that showcase the hard work put into each project is crucial for any portfolio website. Therefore, another key goal for redesigning the website was to devise a solution to include all the necessary content while maintaining an engaging and user-friendly design.

Client testimonial section design on Superrb project case study page on mobile
Design showcasing of UI mobile designs on Superrb project case studies

The Process

The redesign project was a massive undertaking involving many ideas and prototypes that ultimately did not make it into the final version of the website. Some of which I've featured here. It was a collaborative effort from the entire team, with members contributing their unique perspectives and skills.

The Details

We aimed to flair up the website by adding small details, easter eggs, and interactive elements that showcase the company's sense of humor and personality. For this, I have prototyped various features, including logo animations, 3D project hovers, slider transitions, link, and button hover effects, and have animated all of the incidental illustrations throughout the website.


Since the new website launch, Superrb won AWWWARDS SITE OF THE DAY and CSS AWARDS WEBSITE OF THE DAY and has been featured on many inspiration sites. Superrb also recently became a Shopify partner and landed work from big clients such as Barefaced, AeroPress, SauvageTV, Pip&Nut, Tena, SlowMoGuys, Freeletics, and more.