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Launched as a side project by my childhood friend and me during our spare time, with our goal to combat consumerism. We believe that people own too many things and produce too much waste, so we want to solve that problem by empowering individuals to get more value from the items they already own. Our solution is Weido - a fast, secure, and reliable renting platform for goods and things.


  • Brading
  • UI & UX Design
  • Prototyping


  • Mobile App
  • Sharing Economy
  • Startup


Live site

Typography set up for Weido branding by Andrius Petravicius
UI Design of Weido mobile app's main screen by Andrius Petravicius


Starting from scratch, I designed the app's logo, colors, typography, and branding, aiming for a friendly, memorable, and modern look. The primary challenge with the logo involved crafting a versatile logotype that could function effectively in various formats and use cases, from a standalone mobile app icon to a full logotype on the website or print materials. The final design of the logo captures our startup's spirit - evoking a friendly smile, two people sharing a boat ride, or the initial letter 'W' for the name Weido.

Website design for Weido landing page showcasing promotional hero and main featurs of the app


After establishing branding and launching a temporary website, we created wireframes and user flows for the app. With these in place, I began working on the mobile app designs, focusing not only on the visual appeal of the user interface but also adhering to usability guidelines and best UX practices and considering the entire user flow. Ultimately, I developed a comprehensive design system with easily manageable typography, color, and component systems. The final designs for the app encompassed over 300 screens, covering all possible use cases and features. Ultimately, everything was transformed into an interactive prototype for usability testing.

Weido mobile app's welcome screen design with sign up and login options
Design of Weido categories selection screen for listings


Great attention was given to even the most minor details when designing this app. Considerations included legibility, optimal button sizing for touch, strategic positioning of primary CTAs for easy thumb access, intricate interaction details, and engaging mascot animations, all aimed at creating an app that delivers the best user experience possible.


Our strong brand identity, designs, and website have enabled us to attract talented developers to join our team. They are working tirelessly to bring our vision and platform to life. The design work is now fully completed, and the project is in the profound development stages. We are always interested in hearing from other passionate individuals who may be interested in joining our team or from investors who can help us launch the project.

Weido app's screen for personal profile view and main settings options

Design & Branding

Interaction Design

App Development