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Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf is an Emmy-nominated animation studio collaborating with prominent brands such as Nike, Facebook, Disney, and Adult Swim. Following their major rebrand by Koln Studio in 2020, I helped them enhance their brand's visibility by redesigning their website.


  • UI & UX Design
  • Prototyping


  • Post Production
  • Animation


Live site

Golden Wolf hero image that represents their portfolio redesign project
Final design of Golden Wolf portfolio homepage highlighting their hero section with logo, introduction and featured projects


My objective was to highlight their branding and work through the website effectively. This was achieved by incorporating their branding colors, utilizing bold typography, featuring their work through prominent imagery, and including numerous incidental animations throughout the website.

Golden Wolf homepage design displayed on mobile device
Artwork for 404 error page done by Golden Wolf
Mobile view of search screen for searching and filtering through projects


The approach behind the concept design of the new website was to create a navigable and filterable hub encompassing everything the company does, including its work, social media posts, and products. After completing the initial designs, I worked on bringing them to life before presenting them to the client. This was necessary to provide the client with a better understanding of how everything would come together and to showcase how animations and my designed interaction details could significantly enhance the user experience. To achieve this, I created a prototype video using After Effects software.

The Details

As with every project, I strive to incorporate unique and thoughtful design details to create distinctive user interface elements that make the website stand out. For this project, I created distinct design elements such as the video player, product cards, sharing, and navigational elements.


Another primary focus of the project was to create detailed and visually engaging project case studies that would allow the client to showcase the credits of all the individuals and collaborators who worked on the project. These case studies aimed to highlight the project's work and development process effectively.

Detailed view of project credits
Artwork by Golden Wolf showing Wolf snacking on mascot pill


The redesigned website has been featured on various web inspiration sites and even received an Honorable Mention from AWWWARDS. Since the launch of the new website, Golden Wolf has collaborated with numerous major brands, including TikTok, Blizzard Games, and BBC. Recently, they were acquired by the Web3 brand, Doodles.